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Custom Facial

50 minutes - $90

A results-oriented facial that will leave your skin balanced, happy, and healthy. Each

custom facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, a masque that is best suited

for your skin, and a relaxing neck and décolletage massage. This facial will leave you





The Glow-Up Facial

50 minutes - $100

Take advantage of the amazing anti-oxidative, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory

benefits of this non-psychoactive herb. A targeted facial treatment with plant

-infused products will leave your skin refreshed, and glowing. A plant and

arnica-infused oil is used for a gentle, stress-relieving neck and decollete massage

during the masque portion of your facial, guaranteed to leave you blissed out. 

Email info@totalbeautylivermore.com for details!





Deeply Oxygenating Facial*

*Our most popular service!

50 minutes - $100

Oxygen is vital to all parts of your life, including your skin! The benefits of an

oxygenating facial are numerous, and include an instant overall brightening

of the skin, tightened pores, a decrease in pigmentation and uneven

skintone, and more! Each part of this facial contains highly concentrated

clinical-strength oxygen, from the cleansers, right down to your specially chosen

mask.  *Make sure to discontinue  use of retinols one week prior to your



Express Facial

30 minutes - $65

A slimmed-down version of our custom facial, perfect for clients on the go! 

Your express facial includes a soothing and refreshing double cleanse, exfoliating

enzyme, to help regenerate new skin cells and boost oxygen flow to the skin, 

targeted serums and finishing products to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated

and glowing.


Mini Facial for Teens

30 minutes - $60

A facial that is designed for teenagers, ages 18 and under. Regular facials with an

at-home skin care regimen will help your teen achieve healthy skin. This facial

includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and extractions as needed, along with tips and

tricks to achieve and maintain healthy skin.




Acne Facial

50 minutes - $100

This facial is designed for anyone that is dealing with acne. An anti-bacterial

wash and deep therapeutic cleanse is used to open clogged pores to allow for

deep exfoliation and extractions. Next, a custom mask is used to target

blemishes or any residual redness due to previous over the counter remedies.

You will leave with reduced inflammation and a restored pH balance to your









Casmara Mask - $20 +  in addition to the cost of facial

Casmara masks come straight from Spain, and are a luxurious add-on to any facial! These unique algae peel-off facial masks give extreme penetration of their various active ingredients and can be applied over the eyes and lips, getting to areas other products fail to reach. These masks instantly lower the temperature of your skin and improve the general appearance of

the eye contour area, in addition to firming and toning the skin. Total Beauty

Livermore is proud to offer a variety of different masks, for most every skin type.


Casmara Gold Mask - $30 in addition to the cost of facial

The formula is rich in minerals and seaweed extract, provides firming effects and

reinforces the structure of the skin thanks to the properties of the minerals. The

Casmara Gold Mask nourishes and revitalizes the face. Recommended for skin

lacking vitality and tone. Made with real 24K gold dust, this beautiful mask is a

luxurious add-on to any facial!





Peel Booster - $30 in addition to the cost of facial

Boost the efficacy of your facial, with a specially chosen peel "boost." Total Beauty Livermore will choose a skin-appropriate peel to  add to the exfoliation portion of your facial. This will help to speed over cellular renewal, and give you the glowing results you love. (Not  available for first-time clients.)




💋 HydraLuxe Lip Treatment 💋 - $45 in addition to cost of facial


Get ready for the most kissable lips of your life! The HydraLuxe Lip Treatment is scientifically formulated to improve elasticity, lock in moisture, and naturally plump lips. HydraLuxe is non-toxic, non-petroleum, and helps to safely hydrate and heal the delicate skin on your lips. The treatment includes a lip scrub, HydraLuxe lip elixir, lip masque and finished off with the HydraLuxe lip balm, all of  which are both infused with hyaluronic acid, in a vegan base. All purchases of the HydraLuxe Lip Treatment receive their own  full-sized HydraLuxe scrub and HydraLuxe balm to take home.












*TOTAL BEAUTY LIVERMORE CHEMICAL PEEL + REZenerate™ FACIAL POLICY: You must be a regular client of Total Beauty Livermore, and have received a minimum of one facial with us before receiving a chemical peel or REZenerate treatment. This is for your own safety so that we will have a general idea of how well your skin will tolerate these advanced treatments. Peels are also generally not performed during the very sunny months of April to September so that your skin can heal properly, and you can get the very best results. Aftercare, which can be purchased at Total Beauty Livermore is highly recommended.*


REZenerate™ Facial

50 minutes - SPECIAL: $125 (Normally $150)

Get ready for the BEST. FACIAL. EVER. This innovative facial

utilizes nanotechnology, the pressure points of acupressure and the cool

touch of cold therapy via cold globe facial massage to deliver the 

Best. Facial. Ever. Enjoy a relaxing double cleanse, exfoliation, nano 

infusion of skin-specific serums, a specially chosen mask with a cool globe

facial massage, and finishing products.

A REZenerate™ nano facial can dramatically improve the appearance of:

fine lines and wrinkles loose skin, acne scars,  sun damage, age spots, skin

texture, large pores, hyperpigmentation, and more. 

You can learn more about REZenerate™ here

Custom Peel


 25 minutes - $90


Total Beauty Livermore is proud to offer a variety of incredibly results-oriented peels available

for most skin types and conditions. Each peel comes with approximately one week of

post-peel aftercare. It is HIGHLY encouraged you purchase full-size aftercare products,

available at TBL.

All peels include a soothing double cleanse, a specially chosen peel is applied to your skin to

address your individual skin concerns and sun protection. Peels are quick, clinical treatments.

A series of three or six peels is recommended to achieve great results. Use of retinols must

be stopped one week prior to your peel.


Single Peel - $90

Series of three - $245 (25 minutes each)

Series of six - $490 (25 minutes each) 

Custom Peel + Full Facial

50 minutes - $145

Perfect for when you want all of the benefits of a peel, plus the relaxation of a facial. Your specially chosen, results-oriented 

peel will be applied during the first part of the facial, while a specialty masque along with a neck and décolletage will be performed during the second part. As with a regular custom peel use of retinols must be stopped one week prior.


Microdermabrasion Facial

55 minutes - $100

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment used for deep exfoliation. It can treat superficial lines, large pores, hyperpigmentation (age and sun spots) and more. Microdermabrasion stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen resulting in a younger, fresher looking complexion. Our microdermabrasion facial features elements from our custom facial, along with your microdermabrasion treatment. For best results, a series of 3 or 6 is recommended Single Treatment: $100 Series of three (50 minutes each) $275 Series of six (50 minutes each) $450




15 minutes - $27

Maintain your flawless brows with a wax, and tweeze. Special pricing when adding

brow waxing onto a facial!



10 mins - $17

Clean your upper lip with a quick lip wax! Special pricing when adding a lip wax onto 

a facial!





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